Manage Money, Analyse Risks For A Safe Future With Finance Assistant Jobs

The opening up of the Indian economy has caused a boom in the capital market. A comparatively high disposable income and increased levels of awareness among Indians have enticed them to invest in the risk laden capital and finance markets. The investors look forward to expert advice from qualified professionals on a host of issues like tax planning, investment planning or simple information about which securities to buy or sell. The upsurge in the investments as well as number of investors in these markets has brought ample opportunities for finance and tax advisors. For tax saving investments, individual and companies rely on tax advisors that have increased job opportunities in this field.

The field of credit and securities is very vast. One can start a career in the field as an investment advisor if one has the flair for understanding the pulse of the market. Investment Advisors can find jobs in brokerage firms, securities firms, mutual and pension funds, investment banks, merchant banks etc. They can also start their own firms and render advice to buy side or sell side firms. Financial research is also a good option for an individual who wants to start an independent consultancy. After gaining relevant experience in the field, individuals can become senior financial associates or find finance assistant jobs in the corporate sector.

Credit analysts (or credit risk analysts) undertake risk assessment analysis of various types of lending proposals from the straightforward to the very complex for large amounts. Credit analyst jobs are available in plenty within the increasingly diverse financial services sector. Credit analysts can be employed in banks (commercial or investment banks) or credit rating agencies and investment companies. The remuneration initially is quite decent but increases manifolds with experience.

A finance assistant jobs is a very responsible and powerful figure in any company. His supervision is needed for budgetary decisions & planning, investment portfolios, accounting and devising strategies to generate revenue & cheaper source of finance for the organization. A finance manager is in great demand in the private sector organisations like financial institutions, banks and other trusts. He works in close collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company. CFO’s job is to manage the flow of funds, budget planning, administration and accounting affairs of the company. Both the posts offer good pay packages but the duties and responsibilities are immense.

The preferred route for entering a finance and investment career is MBA. However, individuals with a Bachelor’s / Masters degree in other streams can pursue various PG Diploma courses offered by many institutes after graduation. Many part time or full time Diploma courses like PG in CapitalMarket and Financial Services, Securities MarketsProgramme (SMP), PG Diploma in Securities Analysis & Trading, PG Diploma in Financial Planning, PG Diploma in Fundamentals of Capital Market Development, Certificate courses by BSE Training Institute, Mumbai and Diploma in Financial and Investment Planning are offered by various institutes.

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